Bridget Fogle: female voice
Olaf Hayer: male voice
Luca Turilli: guitars, keyboards
Sascha Paeth: bass
Robert Hunecke-Rizzo: drums

Best known as lead guitarist, co-composer and co-founder of symphonic film-score metal flag bearers Rhapsody, Luca Turilli is an experienced and accomplished musician. With his third solo album entitled The Infinite Wonders of Creation, Turilli ends his epic trilogy. The trilogy began in the 1999 with King of the Nordic Twilight, followed by Prophet of the Last Eclipse, both of which commanded impressive chart positions in Germany, as well as other countries around the world.

While the first album was lyrically and musically inspired by a fantasy tale created by Luca, the second album represented an evolution for Luca's “typical” sound. Lyrically, the album was influenced by one of his favorite science-fiction movies: Event Horizon, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

In order to turn the mystic atmosphere of the cosmic landscapes into music, Luca started incorporating some unique and experimental elements to his music, with an array of futuristic and electronic sounds.

After exploring and exhausting the topics of the past and the future, Luca’s vision led him to create a musical representation of the present in order to complete the trilogy. With The Infinite Wonders of Creation, Turilli composed a symphony dedicated to Mother Nature; a topic that has inspired and invigorated him musically and philosophically. Immediately capturing the imagination of the listener with atmospheric sounds and continuing to draw them in with operatic female vocals and symphonic instrumentation, it becomes immediately clear that The Infinite Wonders Of Creation is an intimate and abstract album covering a wide range of themes: life, death, good, evil, the cosmos and philosophy. Songs like “Mother Nature” and “Altitudes” display the dual elegance and power of Turilli’s compositions.

The Infinite Wonders Of Creation marks the debut of Luca’s dual musical talents: as a guitar virtuoso and also as a prodigious keyboardist. Turilli is joined by the same band members who performed on the two previous albums: vocalist Olaf Hayer, bassist Sascha Paeth and drummer Robert Hunecke-Rizzo and guest vocalist Bridget Fogle.

The Infinite Wonders of Creation presents the logical extension of Luca’s well known musical attributes, both musically and lyrically; a voyage into the inner workings of artist, thinking man, and maestro. This album both wraps up one chapter in Luca’s career and points to magnificent possibilities in his future.


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The Infinite Wonders Of Creation

Release dates :

Europe : May 29, 2006
USA/Canada : June 06, 2006


1. Secrets Of Forgotten Ages
2. Mother Nature
3. Angels Of The Winter Daw
4. Altitudes
5. Miracle Of Life, The
6. Silver Moon
7. Cosmic Revelation
8. Pyramids And Stargates
9. Mystic And Divine
10. The Infinite Wonders
Of Creation
11. Altitudes


1. Virus
2. Too Late
3. Sospiro Divino