Get ready for... METALFORCE
Monday - July 28, 2008
Here is an official statement FROM Tarek "MS" Maghary: "First of all I want to tell all fans, partners and friends, that MAJESTY no longer exists. There was no basis anymore for me and the previous nembers of MAJESTY to continue our creative work.

I had a feeling for quite a while now that the time has come to restart with a new band to point out that Heavy Metal can never be stopped and that a new force will bring the whole world that mighty message. In a dream I recently had, only one name for that power came to my mind: METALFORCE

This new band will exactly do what also was the essence of MAJESTY, but even bigger and more powerful. The first gig on the MCF 08 already filled me up with pride as I looked INTO the eyes of tenthousands of fans who encouraged us in our decision.

We will very soon release a new album and tour all over the world.

Finally I want to tell you one important thing: All the things we did and things we will do are done first and foremost for all our fans out there who like we give all their blood and sweat for the only way to live: Heavy Metal!

With METALFORCE a new era is beginning and I know FROM the bottom of my heart, that all our fans will accompany us on that great mission."



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