More Magic Circle Festival Vol. 2 DVD Reviews
Wednesday - December 17, 2008
We have just received a few more Magic Circle Festival Vol. 2 DVD reviews. Check out some recent quotes from the German press:

The once-in-a-lifetime Manowar performance, as well as appearances of other established metal acts make the Magic Circle Festival Vol. II DVD an unique collector's item.

Rock It 12/08
The cut - which equals Steven Spielberg's - and the sound leave nothing more to wish for... fans can expect the usual world-class quality and with nearly 5 hours running time the DVD proves to be real value for money.

COUPE 12/08
Manowar celebrated the 20th aniversary of the hit album "Kings Of Metal"... altogether 285 minutes of heavy metal fireworks.

For those who missed this metal mass, Manowar is offering a DVD of the spectacle with nearly 5 hours of running time... an extremely worthwhile opus.

DVD 12/08
... a MUST for all Manowarriors.

The Magic Circle Festival Vol. 2 DVD is redefining what a true heavy metal DVD should be. Bring this experience to your own living room, click HERE to buy a copy now!



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