Rumor Control
Monday - April 13, 2009
The only cure for metal madness is more MANOWAR!! The undisputed kings of metal are in demand now more than ever! However, metal madness can sometimes cause hallucinatory rumors to spin out of control and the only way to cure and confirm is via the OFFICIAL MANOWAR and MAGIC CIRCLE websites!!

Get tour info for 2009, all the new and exciting developments for appearances and special events, as well as announcements on new releases AND updates on MANOWAR's collaboration with Wolfgang Hohlbein at,,

SPECIAL NOTE: There is no truth to the rumors that MANOWAR will be appearing at Bloodstock Open Air or Download in the UK, Wacken in Germany or at the Evolution Festival in Italy! Simply not true!

So, remember to rock on and lock the rumors out by consulting official sources for MANOWAR. Hail and Kill!!



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