Kazakhstan Joins The Legions Of The Faithful At The Magic Circle Festival
Tuesday - April 14, 2009
The MANOWAR manifesto is all about bringing the world of metal together and keeping the spirit of heavy metal alive. Hail Kings of Metal! The Magic Circle Festival became a means to achieve this goal. First it was the legions of faithful fans that trekked from all corners of the globe in a pilgrimage to gather with their metal family. Then bands from every nation gravitated to the Magic Circle to share their passion for metal with the fans. MANOWAR has shared the Magic Circle stage with performers from all over the planet. Flags from every land have flown over the festival grounds transforming it into the United Nations of Metal! However, for the first time ever, on July 18, 2009 at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany, MANOWAR will welcome the country of Kazakhstan to join all nations united in the spirit of metal at the Magic Circle Festival.

ULYTAU, a Kazakh group known for its metal based and folk influenced innovative style, are a unique addition to the line-up. They are well-known in the largest land-locked country on earth and have an international following that includes celebrities like Steven Seagal. The actor joined the band onstage during a recent gig and surprised the audience with some mad guitar skills. We can't guarantee that they'll bring Seagal along, but ULYTAU will astound attendees at MCF III nonetheless! No doubt they are sure to receive a warm warriors' welcome from the Brothers and Sisters of Steel.

Other nations united in the spirit of metal for this year's festival are Crystal Viper from Poland, Metalforce from Germany, as well as headliners MANOWAR and HolyHell from the USA. More announcements will be made as details are confirmed. So, get your passport to the world of metal madness via a ticket for only 75 Euros! Now available online at www.magiccirclefestival.com



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