Magic Circle Festival III Countdown!
Tuesday - May 12, 2009
Hail Brothers and Sisters of Steel! The countdown begins!! July 18, 2009 is just around the corner and the reality of history in the making at Magic Circle Festival III reverberates like the crash of Thor's hammer on the gates of Asgard! In the beginning, MANOWAR proclaimed, "They can't stop us, let them try, for heavy metal come to Loreley in July!" Now that the time draws near, fans will be pleased to know that metal madness will exceed all pandemics of the past! All Manowarriors know that the Magic Circle Festival is an unparalleled adventure famed for its innovations, destinations, creative themes and raucous heavy metal brought to you by the best bands on the planet. This year The Asgard Saga will come to life for the first time on the stages of Magic Circle Festival III through the book and the music that has resulted from a unique collaboration between MANOWAR and Germany's best selling fantasy author, Wolfgang Hohlbein. Thor, the God of Thunder, will be introduced to the world of metal with the legions of the faithful as the only witnesses. This year's location at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany is also a romantic and adventurous tourist destination rich with myths and legends, appealing to all those who seek a kickass setting for metal history in the making!

In their eternal quest to provide fans with an orgy for the senses and endless audio orgasms, MANOWAR has scheduled a full day of fan activities and entertainment, including the Heat Seekers from Norway, for the official opening of the festival campgrounds on Friday, July 17th. Then on Saturday, July 18th a complete line up of multinational bands sure to have even an anal retentive, constipated personality banging his or her head with wild abandon by day's end. Slated to perform at this monumental event are ULYTAU (Kazakhstan), WIZARD (Germany), CRYSTAL VIPER (Poland), METALFORCE (Germany), JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR (USA), DOMAIN (Germany), KINGDOM COME (Germany), AGE OF EVIL (USA), VAN CANTO (Germany), DIE SKLAVEN (Germany) and headliners, MANOWAR (USA) with special guests, HOLYHELL (USA). Fans will also have the chance to hail Wolfgang Hohlbein as he makes a special appearance to open the gates of Asgard to all present at the festival.

AND... just when all thought it couldn't get any better than this... MANOWAR announced that the band will release an EP of new material based on The Asgard Saga project this summer! The EP will be available for sale exclusively at the festival. Meanwhile, HolyHell, MetalForce, Jack Starr's Burning Starr and several of the other bands in the line-up will also be releasing albums in time to perform new material at the Magic Circle Festival. So, the countdown begins for one hellava good time at the ultimate metal experience of 2009! If aren't there, you will hang your hammer in shame!

For details and ticket sales, visit For information on MANOWAR, The Asgard Saga, or bands featured on the Magic Circle Music label, visit,, To watch The Asgard Saga movie trailer everyone is talking about, produced by Neil Johnson, MANOWAR'S Video Director, log onto!



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