Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!
Friday - June 05, 2009
Quality over quantity has been the key to HOLYHELL success thus far. The band first appeared on the metal horizon in 2005, without a record, publicity, marketing or media. But that didnít stop their star from rising higher than anyone could have imagined.

Based on stellar live performances, skillful musicians and a solid concept of the role they were destined to play in the world of heavy metal, HOLYHELL became an overnight sensation. Without a record, mind you; unheard of in the days when most bands die a slow death without the support of mass hype, marketing and mainstream media via the music industry. With fans demanding a release from the Goth meets melodic power metal band, HOLYHELL offered "Apocalypse," an EP that debuted in the Top 100 of the German charts in 2007.

Continuing to tour while perfecting new material for their debut CD; the band was under constant pressure to fulfill the desire for new material. They opted to wait until they were completely satisfied with the quality of the product before releasing it. Now poised to do just that, HOLYHELL has once again overwhelmed the critics and the fans with the quality of their art, inspiring all to admit it was well worth the wait. By virtue of online streaming, journalists and fans were able to preview the first tracks from the self-titled album due for release June 26, 2009 on the Magic Circle Music label. Here are the remarks:

"HolyHell create their own world; they play the soundtrack to a film, which must only be written. When it is finished, it will already have everything that a cool film will need: Action, darkness, passion, power... and naturally a happy end."- Masi Kriegs (SONIC SEDUCER)

"HOLYHELL is the missing link between Gothic and Heavy Metal. Maria Breon's clear and strong voice is a sensation!"- Gunnar Sauermann (METAL HAMMER)

"Front woman MARIA BREON is far removed from the female front woman clichÈ.
She creates her own style with a voice that is clear and always impressive and makes the sound of HolyHell unmistakable. Very good." (GOTHIC Magazine)

"HOLYHELL enrich the category of symphonic female fronted metal. Of special note is that they have an absolute hit in their hands with "Apocalypse." Sebastian Schilling (LEGACY Magazine)

"Epic, bombastic metal that will be sought after, let the album come!" Mike Mˆller (BREAK OUT Magazine)

"Dio flirts with Nightwish. Dark, mystic, melodic rock with a graceful classic appeal!" Andreas Schˆwe (METAL HAMMER/ROCK IT!)

"HOLYHELL awakens thoughts and emotions long dormant in the comfortably numb. They have raised the bar and redefined power metal by adding the depth and meaning that was missing. It is an amazing legacy to have created with a debut, but then again, it is only the beginning of HolyHell." Diana Baker (NAUGHTY ROCK STAR INTERNATIONAL)



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