Winners Of The Ultimate Fan Contest Announced
Monday - June 08, 2009
"Dick the Destroyer" had the "Balls of Steel" necessary to tattoo the "Sign of the Hammer" on his penis and definitely deserves to win Grand Prize as the Ultimate MANOWAR Fan!! He wins 2 Ultimate Fan Packages to Magic Circle Festival III on July 18, 2009 at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany!

Due to the fact that we have such kickass, devoted fans, there were thousands of entries to the contest! As a result, we were unable to select just 5 winners! Instead, we chose 10 winners for 2 different categories, Brothers of Metal and Sisters of Steel! Hail to all who participated! See you at Magic Circle Festival III!

Winners for the Ultimate Fan Brother of Metal:

1. Grand Prize Winner: 2 Ultimate Fan Packages for Magic Circle Festival III
- Dick the Destroyer: With The Sign of the Hammer tattoo!

2. 2 Tickets to Magic Circle Festival III
- David R.: For his amazing dedication and kickass video!

3. MANOWAR Merchandise worth Euro 75 (2 winners!)
- Antonio B.: Branded from head to toe with MANOWAR tattoos!
- Cory W.: A true brother of metal! Wall-to-wall MANOWAR at his place!

4. MANOWAR Sweatshirt
- Volker K.: Owner of the MANOWAR MOBILE

5. MANOWAR Festival T-Shirts ( 2 winners!)
- Renato from Brazil: Saved 3 years to travel to the Magic Circle Festival. He has a Heart of Steel!
- Marco: Found new use for MANOWAR CDs! They are embedded in his walls!

Winners for the Ultimate Fan Sister of Steel:

1. 2 Ultimate Fan Packages to Magic Circle Festival III
- Lena H.: She's FANtastically FANatic!

2. 2 Tickets to Magic Circle Festival III
- Jamie K.: Artist extraordinaire and always traveling thousands of miles to see the band!

3. MANOWAR Merchandise worth Euro 75!
- Leila B.: A true sister of steel!

4. MANOWAR Sweatshirt
- Ruxia the Romanian Vixen: She doesn't need the sweatshirt, she had one painted on her!

5. MANOWAR Festival T-Shirt
- Angelina Steel: Sexy Metal Mistress chosen as the METAL MODEL for MANOWAR MERCH.

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