The Shred Lord's Collection Is Essentially Yours!
Wednesday - June 10, 2009

When it comes to blazing guitars, one of metal's favorite sons has ignited many fires in the hearts of metal fans. Known as The Shred Lord, JOE STUMP is already cemented in the annals of history as a metal guitar virtuoso. In recent years, he joined forces with power metal band, HOLYHELL and has been devoting much of his time to recording their debut album, set to be released in the summer of 2009. However, fans would not let him move on without releasing a collection of his greatest compositions. Hence THE ESSENTIAL SHRED GUITAR COLLECTION was born. In this collection, Stump breathes new life into favorites from many of his solo albums, as well as adding a few new tracks. It's a necessary addition to every guitar fans' collection, if not only to archive and preserve monumental moments in music history.

Look for THE ESSENTIAL SHRED GUITAR COLLECTION by JOE STUMP now available on the MAGIC CIRCLE MUSIC label. Joe Stump, along with HOLYHELL, will be headlining 6 of Europe's major summer festivals as special guests of MANOWAR on The Death to Infidels Tour 2009. For more details, visit,,



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