The World Reacts To "Father"
Tuesday - June 30, 2009
The response to "Father" has been phenomenal! The first song released on MANOWAR's new EP "Thunder in the Sky" was recorded in 16 languages and included as a Bonus CD. As soon as the fans heard their respective languages, the mail started pouring in!

"Hi, my name is Ayten Karasakal from TURKEY. I am 15 years old. I love your BABA/FATHER song. I love MANOWAR so much. You are the greatest. You'll always carry heavy metal's flag. We want to see you in Turkey! Please, please, please, please, please come to Turkey. Thanks for your Turkish song."

"There is no such words, that can express my feelings when I listen to this song in my national language. It was a great idea to record it in so many languages. I think that you gave a feeling of being special to all fans, if not, you gave it to me. Congratulations to Eric for singing in Polish, because it's quite difficult for foreigners to even speak in it. You did very well, Eric! My woman said that she would like to sing this song to her parents on the day of our wedding. I'm sure I'll do it with her cause I sing in band and it would be great to sing it in two voices! hehe... Manowar song on my wedding party. Just thinking about it is making me crazy! HAIL TO YOU ALL!!!" Merin

"I want to thank you for amazing show you did Finland at Provinssi rock. I watched a documentation about the song Father on Finnish fan page of Manowar and you talked about the song and how it touches many with its message. The lyrics truly are touching and compelling, I don't know whether you write your songs from your own experiences or not, but the song is really profound. To me this song is important because I'm not that close to my father and the lyrics don't really reflect the relationship between me and my father, but Eric's voice and the sound of this track makes me feel content that I even have a father. I want to say you that your songs touch me deeply and help me carry on."

"Hail from Romania! My name is Mihai Popescu , I am 16 years old. You are the truly kings of metal. This song, Father [TATA], WOW it's... like I don't know how to say, but my grandfather has listened to it and he loves this song, and he doesn't listen to metal. He lost his father in WW2. Anyway... you are the first band doing this...and this is absolutely awsome."

"Father" is available at all festivals on the "Death to Infidels Tour 2009" recorded in German, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Croatian, Portuguese and Finnish. Along with "Thunder in the Sky" the new EP. It is also available for sale online in high-quality, DMR-free, MP3 format only at The Kingdom Of Steel Online Store. The downloadable version of the EP contains the exact same content as the version on sale during the tour: Thunder In The Sky, God Or Man, Let The Gods Decide, Father, Die With Honor, The Crown And The Ring (2008) and 16 versions of "Father."

Watch the "Father" video here. Be sure to share it with yours! Hail and Kill!



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