Death To Infidels 2009 Tour Report - Part 10
Monday - July 13, 2009
Just left Norway, land of Vikings, Norse mythology and true metal warriors. Norway Rock proved that MANOWAR's Norwegian fans rule! Along the way we were able to take in the kickass scenery and experience Viking history at its best. At Hafrsfjord, we found the national monument "Swords in Rock". It was here Harald Hårfagre fought a battle that united Norway into one kingdom in 872 AD. The monument represents peace, unity and freedom. The Viking swords' hilts are modeled after swords found in various parts of the country. Like some we've been given over the years by our Viking brothers. The monument was made by Friz Røed (1928-2002) and unveiled by King Olav in 1983. Now we can say, we came, we saw, we were monumental. See you at the Loreley!

Karl Logan



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