Deluxe Edition Of EP "Thunder In The Sky" Goes On Sale!
Sunday - July 19, 2009
Fantasy became reality when MANOWAR released the EP, "Thunder In The Sky." The world's first glimpse into The Asgard Saga, MANOWAR'S collaboration with Germany's best-selling fantasy author, Wolfgang Hohlbein, the EP features 6 songs and a Bonus CD with "Father" recorded in 16 versions in 16 different languages. The EP is the prequel to the complete CD "Hammer of the Gods," due to be released at the end of 2009.

A DELUXE EDITION of the EP with a 50 page booklet complete with stories written by Hohlbein to accompany each song went on sale on July 17, 2009, coinciding with the opening of the Gates of Asgard at Magic Circle Festival III. The DELUXE EDITION is on sale in retail outlets throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition, the EP is still available for sale online in high-quality, DRM-free, MP3 format only at The Kingdom Of Steel Online Store. The downloadable version of the EP contains the exact same audio content as the EPs on sale: Thunder In The Sky, God Or Man, Let The Gods Decide, Father, Die With Honor, The Crown And The Ring (2008) and versions of "Father "recorded in German, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Croatian, Portuguese and Finnish.

MANOWAR performed new material from the EP for the first time at Magic Circle Festival III on July 18, 2009 at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany.

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