MANOWAR-mania on Facebook
Monday - November 29, 2010
MANOWAR fans from all over the world were given a special holiday hour of power when all four members of their favorite band were online for an impromptu chat with their fans on Facebook.

"It was a spontaneous idea. The response to 'Battle Hymns 2011' has been massive! We received it almost in real time via Facebook, literally moments after the fans downloaded the album at its first day of release from The Kingdom Of Steel. So we wanted to thank them immediately", said MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio.

From touring requests to discussions about beer, bikes, girls and guitars to comments on the new album 'Battle Hymns 2011'; the topics were diverse and both fans and band had a great time.

"We had a blast!" said vocalist Eric Adams after the session ended. "Nothing can compare to meeting the fans face to face - but the direct interaction on the internet comes as close as it gets. We'll definitely do this again!"

'Battle Hymns 2011', featuring 'Lord Of The Rings'-Star Sir Christopher Lee as special guest, is available right now as instant digital download and as CD and Limited Edition Picture Vinyl pre-order at The store exclusively also offers a limited quantity of autographed CDs and Vinyls as special Christmas treats.

'Battle Hymns 2011', will be released across Europe starting December 3rd 2010 and in the USA and Canada on February 1st 2011.

The album is available as DRM-free digital download, CD and Limited Edition Picture Vinyl.

Track List:
Death Tone
Metal Daze
Fast Taker
Shell Shock
Dark Avenger
William's Tale
Battle Hymn

Bonus Tracks:
Fast Taker - Recorded Live at Abilene Taylor City Expo Center Arena, Texas – July 31st 1982
Death Tone - Recorded Live at Dallas Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas – August 1st 1982

If you want to find out when the next Facebook chat with the members of Manowar will happen, just go to and click "Like". Chat announcements will be posted as status updates.

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Fan Quotes from

Sebastian S.: "I'm listening now to Dark Avenger. Christopher Lee is doing an awesome job. Hope that he has some work to do for Hammer Of The Gods.
Can't stop listening the new Battle Hymns. This new power in these old songs is just shattering my mind."

Tamás H.: "No doubt! The album sure kicks ass! HAIL!"

Steven J.: "Ordered my copy a yesterday. Got the digital download. What an album, Hail and Kill from New Zealand."

Deane P.: "I'm amazed about how good it is :P i thought it was amazing before so didn't think the original album could be topped :D"

Lyrian S.: "Thank you for improving a masterpiece beyond anyone's expectations!!
Hail From Denmark & Greece:

Matt F.: "You've taken one of the greatest metal albums of all time and made it even better. Exceptional."

Giovanna F.: "I still cannot tell which one I like better!!!! But Dark Avenger made me cry! Amazing! Best purchase of the year! Thank you, guys! Just can't wait for the cd! :D HAIL!"

Danny G.: "Damn guys.... you really outdid yourselves on this one........ great job now I anxiously await Hammer Of The Gods...... great to hear Donnie tearing it up with you guys again..... 180 of my friends fists up in the air and counting.... hail my brothers and goodnight..... ManOwaR kills!"

Giovanna F.: "Thank you guys, for what I've been listening to the last 12 hour! Thank you Joey, for William's Tale! And thank all of you, who made
everything just perfect!! Metal heals! HAIL!"

In German:

MANOWAR-mania auf Facebook

MANOWAR Fans aus aller Welt wurde eine besondere „Feiertags-Hour of Power” geboten, als alle vier Mitglieder ihrer Lieblingsband für einen spontanen Chat mit ihren Fans auf Facebook online gingen.

"Es war eine spontane Idee. Das Reaktionen auf 'Battle Hymns 2011' sind enorm! Wir erhielten sie fast in Echtzeit über Facebook, nahezu nur Augenblicke nachdem die Fans das Album am ersten Tag der Veröffentlichung im Kingdom Of Steel heruntergeladen hatten. Also wollten wir ebenso unmittelbar 'Danke' sagen”, sagte MANOWAR Bassist Joey DeMaio.

Von Tour Anfragen über Diskussionen rund um Bier, Motorräder, Girls und Gitarren bis zu Feedback zum neuen Album 'Battle Hymns 2011'; die Themen waren vielfältig und sowohl Fans als auch Band hatte eine tolle Zeit.

"Wir hatten einen Riesenspaß!", sagte Sänger Eric Adams nachdem die Session beendet war. "Nichts ist besser als die Fans von Angesicht zu Angesicht zu treffen - aber die direkte Interaktion im Internet kommt dem so nah wie es geht. Wir werden das definitiv wiederholen!"

'Battle Hymns 2011', mit 'Der Herr der Ringe'-Star Sir Christopher Lee als Special Guest, ist ab sofort als digitaler Download bei erhältlich und dort auch als CD und Limited Edition Picture Vinyl vorbestellbar. Als besonderes Weihnachts-Highlight bietet der Shop exklusiv eine limitierte Anzahl von signierten CDs und Vinyl an.

'Battle Hymns 2011' wird in Europa ab 3. Dezember 2010 veröffentlicht und in den USA und Kanada am 01. Februar 2011.

Das Album ist erhältlich als digitaler Album Download, CD und Limited Edition Picture Vinyl.

Track List:
Death Tone
Metal Daze
Fast Taker
Shell Shock
Dark Avenger
William's Tale
Battle Hymn

Bonus Tracks:
Fast Taker - Recorded Live at Abilene Taylor City Expo Center Arena, Abilene, Texas – July 31st 1982
Death Tone - Recorded Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas – August 1st 1982

Wenn Ihr wissen wollt wann der nächste Facebook chat mit den Manowar Bandmitgliedern stattfindet, geht einfach auf und klickt auf "Like". Chat Termine werden dort als Status Updates gepostet.

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