First Words From The Army Of The Immortals: Battle Hymns 2011 Tour - Glasgow, Nov 1st 2011
Wednesday - November 02, 2011
Chris Ryan: The sound was amazing guys ! The best I've ever heard in that venue. It was the best gig I've ever been to and I've been to thousands ! Even better than birmingham and thats saying something ! Come back soon :). Hail & Kill Fuck the world !

Ian Garnett: FANTASTIC SHOW! See you in Scotland 2012 ;-)

Henry Icecream Richardson: excellent gig \m/

Kenneth Robertson: you guys kicked ass tonight! awesome gig, hope i'll be able to hear again by tomorrow..

Aymeric Fromentin: The Glasgow show was mind blowing (like, you literally blow my mind out of my head with the sheer power of your music). I can't wait to see you again. You're the best band in the world.

Jerry White: Glasgow was blown away by Manowar, what a ballbuster, hail and kill, roll on Leeds.

Janeva Mc: Just back from MANOWAR Glasgow gig!! one of my dream gigs truly Awesome!! Outstanding!! thank you so much for playing Glasgow please come back soon and glad you enjoyed the energy of Glasgow Joey you blew us all away with you bass string ripping wow, love you guys have an awesome tour

Mark Stuart: i wouldnt be suprised if its announced that the academy has fallen down.the power MUST have done some damage to its foundations.

Phil Lowe: @Javier: Their new PA system for this tour is also very, very good and more than once Joey's bass went from "that sounds good" to "what just punched me in the ribs?".

Craig Dunning: Absolutely brilliant gig, even better than Birmingham.

Paul Woods: Glasgow was fucking amazing metal will never die

Paul Woods: News flash Glasgow academy walls are still bleeding from the amazing sound of manowar please come back soon

Gordon Ross: u guys were fuckin amazing!thank u for coming to glasgow.cant wait for u's to come back.hail and kill.

Ziad Omran: It Was A Great Show \m/

Ian Garnett: One of the best Manowar shows i've ever seen. It was my 10th time seeing them too.

Dave Bisset: I have only just awoken in a Daze, the last thing I remember is a massive bass note and then what can only be described as Thor punching me in the chest

Ian 'Gil' Gillan: best concert iv been to in yonks

Sam McGookin: Loved every minute of it - sound was superb - see yuz in Leeds - hail and kill!!!!

Yvonne Rutherford: You were awesome !!! Love you joey !! Hail and Kill !!!! ♥. Xxx

Victoria Galloway: It was awesome :D Thank you guys SO much!! Come back SOON!!

Eric Wilson: Manowar you were fantastic tonight in glasgow. Come back soon.

Murray Hargrave: Brilliant gig! ... fuck me when the last verse of Battle Hymn kicked in last night the roof nearly came off the Academy! Chuffed to see Manowar on home turf, crowd were fantastic as well \m/



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