Voices From The Truest Of The True - Ultimate Fans, Glasgow & Leeds
Saturday - November 05, 2011

It was great to see and to meet our Ultimate Fans in Glasgow and Leeds. Their energy at the soundcheck was Legendary


Aymeric F. – UFP ticket holder, Glasgow:

Hail Manowar,

I was one of the Ultimate Fan Packers yesterday at the Glaswegian show.

I've been listening to Manowar since I was a kid and my father decided that for my 23rd birthday, it was time for me to meet them, and offered me my ticket to the show.

Now I had huge expectations for the night. Manowar taught me one of the most important lesson you have to learn in life: never let anybody down, always stand by your friends, your brothers and sisters.

And that's exactly what they did. They didn't let any of us down.

The show was more epic than any battle that has ever been fought on this earth. At some point I had to actually punch myself in the face to be sure that I was wide awake, that I wasn't dreaming any of it.

And I wasn't.

I had huge expectations, but Manowar topped them. They simply delivered the best show I ever witnessed in my life.

But what impressed me most isn't the incredible power of their sound system. It's not their musical virtuosity. It's not even the way they let themselves be possessed by their own music. It's the total, limitless devotion they hold towards their fans. You only had to be there for a few minutes to understand that Manowar was willing to give everything they had for every single one of us.

I don't expect to find it again. Except at another Manowar show.

You said you will return. I say I'll be there. Until then, keep on rockin.

Fuck the world, hail and kill.


Adam W. – UFP ticket holder, Glasgow:

What a night...waited 26 years... last I saw manowar in Edinburgh 1984.... I got the UFP... great value..and total class...



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