More Words From The Army Of The Immortals: Battle Hymns 2011 Tour!
Monday - November 07, 2011
LONDON, Nov 5 2011:

Jorin Zankl: Just got back from Brixton. What a special fucking night. They played with so much energy and fire, and passion. And the audience and the fans were the greatest I have ever seen. I felt so alive. Ive never experienced anything like it. Im going to have a smile on my face for days. I now understand Manowar, and how true they, and the fans, are. That was something special. I mean, Really special. Only Manowar could deliver something so overwhelmingly intense and emotional. I had never had a live experience like that before. I was completely amazed. You guys are special. THE FANS ARE AMAZING TOO! TO EVERYONE THAT WAS THERE- YOU AND MANOWAR ARE THE BEST!

Danowar Healy: to keep it short and sweet: Out of the 500 odd bands I've seen many of whom multiple times and yourself included (6th time seeing you tonight) that was THE BEST gig I've ever attended. Dunno why, don't care, all i know is it/you was/are PHENOMENAL!! See you tomorrow!! Im even bringing my girlfriend for her first ever big gig

Ruxia Sandru: The moment the band takes the stage is the closest thing I know to an orgasm...Show was beyond words, pure magic & might 8-) Completely dazzled, after the 2 hours heavy metal delight.

Ken Ehlers: Dam-nit all to fuck. All I want is to see another Manowar show before I die. Before I saw Manowar I said "I need to see Manowar before I die." It's like a metal drug high that can't be quenched until you see them again live. Words just can't really convey the feeling.

Bobby Tannock: just got home. I'll remember tonight for the rest of my fucking life! hail the kings of true heavy fucking metal!

Jonathan Regan: awesome show, i came all the way from Australia to see this and wasn't let down!!! \m/

Steve Penny: Finally home from watching the kings of metal tear Leeds and London a fucking new one :D Fuck the world, hail and kill, hail to England, death to false metal. Hail to MANOWAR

Adrian Hextall: Great gig at Brixton.

Filip Gruca: !!! just came back and it was mighty hail to london !!!

Chris Russell: Hail! Killer night!

Tim Walker: Great gig. Loved it. Manowar forever!

Paul White: Awesome night.Please come back soon.

Maurizio Liberto: GREAT show!!! Thanks Manowar

Domenico D'Amato: killer show! awesome boobs! HAIL TO THE KINGS OF METAL!

Leon Rea: One of the best gigs ever!! Hail and Kill!

Joe FRANCIS: Tonight was a fucking night to remember... Great music... Lovely people... Killer setlist...

Victoria Galloway: Awesome night, great show and atmosphere!

Ian Garnett: Last night was a beautiful show and it was so damn loud! When I placed my hand on my chest you could feel the vibrations.... Epic!

Graham Mills: Fucking awesome night.

Iza Przemek Konat Adamski: Fucking brilliant gig! I want more! Hope MANOWAR will be back soon, HAIL MANOWAR! Hail to London

Scott Price: an amazing night...and cant wait to see you again soon.ALL HAIL THE GODS OF METAL!!!!

Morten Manowar Storsveen: Awesome show.. And the sound kicks ass.. Thanks for finally signing my flag, brothers.. And thanks for all the stuff we got in the pack.. Hail to manowar, gods of pure heavy metal

Edward Frederick Cawley: It was fucking amazing. Proud to be a Manowar fan. Just need to catch a few more hours sleep and I'll hop in my car and drive to Cardiff . . . .

James Cranwel:l Incredible show! Amazing sound and epic sing alongs! No other band can deliver like this, HAIL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF METAL! HAIL THE TRUE METAL KINGS! HAIL MANOWAR!

Sam McGookin: Awesome performance and sound...hail manowar.

Matthew Roche: Awesome show - thank YOU for an incredible experience!

Ali Carmichael: Ears... Still... Bleeding... Need to sort that out before seeing ManOwaR again tonight in Cardiff! Awesome gig! Hail and Kill!

Simon Rickman: Sound absolutely the most crystal clear, songs amazing...

Federico Masini: That was massive.

Kerry Turner: Amazing nite!! ears still ringing, so loud.... you did us proud in London! don't leave it so long b4 coming back to play again!!! :D

Mariola Szymonka: Incredible! Amazing! HAIL MANOWAR!

Patricia Dordio: Great gig last night

Rafał Flagg: Thanks for Great Show ! Hails from Poland !

Austėja Kėvišaitė: it was awesome,greetings from Lithuania ;))

Pete Ford: fucking truly amazing night,i need to sober up.great show,kicked ass

Rob Klein: Just back from London. I had an awesome time at MANOWAR!

Victor Von-Doom: Great show, really enjoyed every minute of it and got to chat and meet some really nice people - Great in Birmingham and great in Brixton, hail and kill!

Oli Leveroni:: my first ever gig and it was amazing, hail and kill brothers!

Ludvig Macharius Aspholm: Fucking awesome show guys! Met a lot of great people...Hail from Norway!

James Duke Fang Begley: The show was amazing but the MANOWAR fans were even more so. hail warriors of the world!!!

Marcin Stępień :Hail from Poland. We were there. It was EPIC

Ben Dunne: Sound was incredible, the band was incredible and I was only 10ft away, couldn't ask for more.

Nascimo Crettol: Hail to England! The show was amazing and powerful! Thank you Manowar for these moments! Hail from Switzerland!

Michael Randall: The band were awesome - absolutely awesome - and I can't wait to see them again.

CARDIFF, Nov 6, 2011

Sam McGookin: Tonight in Cardiff was awesome...lost my voice,hearing and wife!!!!! Hail Manowar!!!!!!

Matt Stevenson: Truly awesome show in Cardiff guys, shook me to the bone! Come back to us soon, we need true metal in the UK!

Annabel M Graham: I didn't know you could still get music like this - tight, screaming, crunchier, metal...with just the right amount of chop. LOL ♥

David Glynne Axford: Great show in cardiff last night,hope you will come back!

Neil ✯ Lavis: ears are still ringing nicely from last night! EPIC!!!

Deb Bedford: Fab night at Cardiff last night

Julia Vernon: awesome night in cardiff! we had ultimate fan passes, got loads-a goodies, went backstage, joey spoke 2 all of us as a whole, saw soundcheck, they did sons of odin n call to arms 4us, amazing!! ... it was an absolutely amazing night!!

And more LEEDS, Nov 4, 2011

Colin MetalAlliance Liptrot: AWESOME set at Leeds, hope Manowar will return to the UK again soon :-) truly the best live sound EVER, the best atmosphere and excellent musicianship all round. ALL HAIL MANOWAR!!!!!

Rudy Ratulangi: So Fantastic Great Spirit

Dennis Jarman: Leeds gig was stunning!

Jamie Henshaw: Friggin awesome gig last night

Peter Nagy: pure fucking wind from the speakers,really shake your body!!...awesome show in Leeds

Ray Archer: A privilege to see backstage and learn about all the work that goes into putting on a such a great show with an even greater sound. Looking forward to doing the Ultimate Fan Pass again! Black wind from the PA is right - some bass notes made my legs turn into jello, thanks Joey, Karl, Eric and Donny, loved it!

C.R.: ... I took my wife with me, who didn't know much about you (despite my best attempts). She was blown away by the perfection of your performance, your incredible musical talent, Eric's amazing voice, the quality of your stage and sound. But what she will never forget was the most insane bass either she or I have ever experienced. She has talked all day about how it glued her to the spot and filled every part of her being, feeling like she was been disassembled inside.
I thank you for keeping true to your fans and giving your all every time you play. ... Words can't explain what your music means to me. Thank you so much for coming to England. When the call to arms comes i will be there.



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