Words From The Army Of The Immortals: Battle Hymns 2011 Tour - Dublin, Nov 09 2011 & Belfast, Nov 10 2011
Monday - November 14, 2011
Dublin, Ireland

Steven Hegan: Totally great gig tonight really on fire let's have more of the same tonight in belfast.

Oisín Brown: GREAT GIG TONIGHT DUDES!!!!!!! Don't be a stranger to IRELAND! \m/

Dave Swift: ‎'Shell-Shot' - I will write a full report later...!

Gareth Watts: Great gig it was. Best ever. Hail to the metal gods.

Mary Kinsella: Awesome gig in Dublin tonight - it was worth waiting 20 years for. Other bands play, MANOWAR KILLS!

Sam McGookin: Faces were melted,ears imploded and hearts captured - All Hail manowar on their glorious return to Irish shores!!!!

Seán Kealy: Incredible gig lads! Eric Adams wanted BonOwar Deane! Serious metal taste!

BonOwar Deane: BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE!!! my favourite band of all time putting on a personal show like that meant the world to me!!!! MAY YOUR SWORD BE WET, LIKE A YOUNG GIRL IN HER PRIME!!!!

Xoss Da Boss: the greatest band in the world.

Tina Sapper: Ahhhhhh a Joey speech and Crown and the Ring in the end???? Awesome!!! I Hail the Kings of metal!!!! MANOWAR is the greatest band on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudio R. Hilbert: Thank you very much Manowar. The best show ever held last night in The Academy, Dublin Ire.

Noel Mcvea: Thanks to the kings of metal for their awesome performance last night.don't leave it so long to play on these shores again.

Natalie Canning: AMAZING GIG!!!!! Hail Manowar \m/

Mikko Elo: Awesome show! HAIL MANOWAR!!!

Ian McWilliams: Best gig of the year, you are the best.

Dara Kelly: jesus fuckin christ last night was too good!!!!!!

Cathy Donnelly: Thank you so much for coming to Dublin. The gig was absolutely amazing. Flawless set! Hail and fucking kill! By the way, Joey, you're like a fine wine, you get better with age. ;)

Claudio R. Hilbert: Manowar thank you very much for last nights concert in The Academy, Dublin. The best show ever...

Jennifer McGookin: Best show so far. Thank you manowar for listening to the fans. We loved the really short interval, we loved the show and we loved joeys speech and the crown and the ring. Cant wait for the belfast show.....we welcome you to our town. hail and kill.

Paul Lynam: that was one absolutely amazing gig in Dublin tonight, don't leave it another 24 years before returning.

Deirdre Daly: thanks for a great show in dublin hope to see you again soon.hail and kill

Belfast, Northern Ireland

"Hail Kings of Metal,

I have to give you thanks for your show in Belfast, Northern Ireland last night. 22 long years I have waited to see my heroes and I was not disappointed. It was everything and more that you expect from Manowar. Playing with such power and passion that has long been a standard from the Kings of Metal and total clarity the whole way through the gig. I also felt every bone in my body shake from the reverb in Joey's bass solo. (Can we have more bass solo's on the next cd!) The walls of the hall could have fallen around me and still I would have stood steadfast, arms in the air singing for all my worth. My ears are still ringing and my throat is raw, but these are mere flesh wounds to the Army of Immortals when they go into battle with the mighty Manowar. Unfortunately it had to end, but not before Manowar pledged to return. ... Until your return, I will keep the fight for true metal alive.


Your Brother-in-arms,

Russell McC."

Angelique Mcgowan: Yeeeoooooo! Class night. Manowar fucking rocked.

Dave Mcgowan: What a nite , loud as it can be !

Graeme Hawkins: Just home after Belfast, my ears will be ok next week! Amazing show from the Kings of Metal! They promised to return, we will be waiting! Hail and Kill!

Paul Doyle: even better than expected,tickets worth every penny HAIL and KILL!

Peter Clegg: beeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... awesome concert, glad the board I built held up the lighting rig!! You'd better return! HAIL AND KILL!!!

Michael Leathem: Thank you Manowar. Tonight was the best way for me to bring an end to the year. HAIL AND KILL!!!

Hugh Spence: My ears are fucked after tonight!! Thanks manowar!

Sam McGookin: Belfast has been levelled by Manowar's earth shattering sound....no interval and a kick ass set - Long was our wait our meeting with fate was tonight!!!!!! New ears please.

David McCafferty: You fucking rocked tonight. HAIL TO THE SONS OF ODIN. HAIL GODS OF WAR.......... By the way you've wrecked my hearing and my voice and I fucking love it. \M/ When are you coming back?????

Sharon Gilchrist Davidson: Can't hear, lost my voice!!! What that means is Manowar was fuckin amazing lastnight in Belfast.

Victoria Galloway: Best show of the tour! I'm so glad to have been at all the shows and SO sad its over. Thank you to everyone for making the past 2 weeks unforgettable!!

Mark Mills: What a nite..MANOWAR's sound rattled parts of me i didn't know i had.....MANOWAR KILLS!! \../

Rocky Hamilton: omg you just blew me apart what a show in belfast last night please come back soon.

Mark McCracken: What an epic show manowar put on...best live act ever...although i think my bones have crumbled due to the bass.

David Pessoa: HAIL MANOWAR AND HIS CREW!!! we went from Portugal to see this tour!!!! thank you for this tour and come again to Portugal!!! HAIL AND KILL =T=

Leon Houston: the belfast gig was amazing, best gig i have been too thanks for playing here guys you were awesome!

Steven Hegan: Truly an amazing night in Belfast ears will be ringing for days and a big thanks to joey and the whole team that's how you neck a pint of Guinness joey

Sharon Gilchrist Davidson: Just home from Belfast gig ,fucking amazing \m/

Alan Magill: Second time seeing MANOWAR this year, 1st in Birmingham and the best of all in Belfast!! What an amazing nite and one I will remember forever;) My wife got Joey Demaio's last guitar string!! Hail MANOWAR KINGS of METAL!!!!

Graeme Fulton: Great gig in Belfast!! Thanks for coming and hope to see you again in the near future! Hail and kill to the kings of metal!!

Stephen Dynes: I was there, and it was fucking awesome! Hail true metal from Belfast!

Hugh Spence: and thats why my ears are still fucked! last night was fucking heavy!

Ross McLeod: Did Glasgow and Belfast. I couldn't be more amazed. Battle Hymn on both occasions was just phenomenal and just the pinnacle of any musical performance I have ever seen!

Mark Craven: I got my fucking head blown off by the kings of metal last night,best live band ever..hail to all the brothers and sisters at the mandela hall last night!all were awesome!

Graham Jackson: LOVED the gig, thanks for coming over fellas!! Come back to wee Belfast again soon, travel safe \m/ \m/

Declan Kennedy: The gig was awesome! My ears are still ringing, hail and kill!

Marcus O'Ruairí: Thank you manowar you in belfast night was they best night ive ever had, you made the north of ireland proud!

Matthew Roche: Thank YOU, Manowar, for putting on such an incredible show. You never fail to deliver in every way that matters.



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